You will find three core offerings here in Connect;.


I aim to support you as best as I possibly can, and so I have designed a number of training programmes to help you work towards helping your child or student, to overcome their barriers and make connections.

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The Social Connect Series is the product of not only 24 years of professional experiece, but also 43 years of lived experiece navigating confusing and often overwhelming emotions. While I predominently work with Autistic children, the Social Connect Series of resources are suitable for any and all children, regardless of neurotype!

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I bring a wealth of knowledge, passion and commitment to every family. While social skills development is an area of particular expertise, my rounded professional experience ensures all autism related difficulties can be tackled professionally and thoroughly.


Here's what people have said about Connect Services, Resources & Training

Laura today was just amazing. All the content was based on the message that all behaviour is a form of communication and is connection seeking rather than attention seeking! Feedback from staff has been very positive. Even our usual reticent consumers have had their eyes opened and many staff spoke about feeling inspired as we take on the last term of school. That in itself is amazing. So grateful to you and the efforts you put into preparing and delivering your presentation today. The advice was practical, plausible and doable! I know we will touch base again soon. Would love to have you visit us again.l

Sinead Lowe- Principal

Laura has changed our son's life. Before meeting Laura, our son's disagnosis of high functioning ASD meant he had significant difficulty with concentration, being unable to focus on activities, tasks and school work. He had difficulty regulating his emotions, along with playing and talking with his peers. One year later, with Laura helping us and his school, he's happy, chatty, engaged and flying academically. None of this would have been possible without Laura's help and advice. We're forever grateful to Laura for her expertise and work she's put into helping our son. We look forward to continuing that engagement as he grows older and meets new challenges

Therese - Parent

As a parent of a young child suffering with anxiety this Workbook/Programme has turned out to be a little gem. The Social Connect Series has struck the perfect balance in delivering a simplistic and clear message that has really helped us as a family to put this workbook into real life practice. It has become our “go-to” solution to help us get through those difficult times when anxiety kicks in!

Ray and Jenny (Parents)

I recently attended the online webinar Teaching Emotions and found it really informative and insightful. The training was delivered in a clear, easy to understand way and gave me lots of practical resources to use both as a parent and as a teacher. I would highly recommend this training for parents, caregivers and teachers.

Amelia- Teacher

My autistic son Jack has long struggled with anxiety. Laura's Connect to the Moment Anxiety Workbook and Cards has helped Jack understand what anxiety is, in a child friendly way that respects his logical thinking and intelligence. It provides a clear explanation of what anxiety is, how it affects our feelings, thoughts and our body. The addition of the Anxiety Cards means Jack now has support to manage his anxiety in the moment, no matter where he is, he is equipped to support and manage independently. I will often find Jack in his room reading over his workbook reminding himself about the Amygdala and Monster thoughts. As a parent, I can see it had empowered my little boy and has helped to take the pressure off my shoulders because I know I have helped my little boy when he was struggling. To parents who have children like my lovely Jack, I highly recommend "Connect to the Moment" Anxiety Workbook and Cards. They have been life changing for my son and our family"

Amanda McGuinnes, Parent & Autism Consultant

Laura's anxiety programme has accessible content, excellent use of visuals and is very practical. Laura is relatable and gives very reassuring and helpful advice. Well done on such a fantastic resource Laura, I know it will give parents the tools to make changes together.

Sarah Kelly, Speakeasy SLT

The Connect To The Moment Anxiety and Cards are a great addition for any family. Anxiety is something that we all experience from time to time and it's a normal part of life- yet no one wants it! Mostly this is because we often do not know what to do in the moment and this unnerves us. When we let anxiety take control, it really can be debilitating. With Connect To The Moment, Laura breaks down anxiety in a simple and accessible way for both the child and their parents or caregivers. Families are empowered by learning simple yet effective strategies to help a child to manage their anxiety in the moment. Anxiety has a way of creeping up on us when we least expect it- Connect To The Moment Cards mean that a child is armed with a toolkit of strategies to cope with their anxiety in that moment and creates an opportunity to build a child's confidence in their ability to manage their anxiety.

Dr. Emma O' Brien, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Laura's programme was easy to implement and follow. As a parent, I often feel that programmes are set out only for professionals and aren't accessible to parents, but this was very parent friendly. We now know the language to use to discuss anxiety and have the cards to use whenever anxiety strikes. Thank you Laura for giving us these valuable tools.

John and Martina (Parents)