I aim to support you as best as I possibly can, and so I have designed a number of training programmes to help you work towards helping your child or student, to overcome their barriers and make connections. I also provide a substantial e-learning resource pack with each training event and a certificate of attendance.
I am also delighted to share that I am officially a CPD training provider
Need a tailored training event for your school or business? With over 18 years experience tailoring training, you can be assured your training needs will be accommodated in a time frame that suits you.  Contact me here to enquire about tailored training or to ask questions about existing training events.
Feedback from recent training 
"Laura today was just amazing. All the content was based on the message that all behaviour is a form of communication and is connection seeking rather than attention seeking! Feedback from staff has been very positive. Even our usual reticent consumers have had their eyes opened and many staff spoke about feeling inspired as we take on the last term of school. That in itself is amazing. So grateful to you and the efforts you put into preparing and delivering your presentation today. The advice was practical, plausible and doable!  I know we will touch base again soon. Would love to have you visit us again."
Sinead Lowe- Principal
"Laura gave 8 amazing workshops to all our classes from 3rd - 6th on what it means to be autistic and how to be an ally to the autistic community. These workshops broadened our perceptions on what autism is and sparked open communication and healthy debate on neurodiversity and inclusion afterwards.
These quotes from some students sum up sentiments felt:

"I felt like I was knocked out in the first round of a boxing match as everything I thought I knew about autism was turned on its head in the first five minutes".

"It was great meeting another autistic person as I never met an autistic adult before"

"I never knew that so many famous people were autistic".

"Now I know what to do if I meet an autistic person"

Thank you Laura for your insight and for delivering these eye-opening ,child-friendly workshops in such an engaging manner. We are very grateful and look forward to lighting up our school gold for Autism Awareness Day in April."
Louise O Connell- Teacher
"Laura provided a fabulous training session on sleep for our team today. Her material was so accessible and practical and she was very down to earth and easy to listen to. Much appreciated!"
Psychologist- CNDT Team
"I recently completed the “Connect to Sleep” Social Connect Series Training Event and found it most informative. The day was well organised with ample opportunity to ask questions and have active discussion. As a Community Medical Doctor, issues regarding sleep are very common and this course will allow me to provide parents and children with useful aids to improve these issues. In particular, many of those children we see have additional needs and this course specifically addresses this. I would recommend this course for anybody working with children and particularly those in the Disability sector."
Dr. Karen Buckley 
"I recently attended the online webinar Teaching emotions and found it really informative and insightful. The training was delivered in a clear, easy to understand way and gave me lots of practical resources to use both as a parent and as a teacher. I would highly recommend this training for parents, caregivers and teachers."
Amelia Byrne -teacher
"Parent Led Autism Network – {PLAN} is an initiative set up to provide free online talks on all topics Autism related to Parents of Children with Autism. Laura Crowley recently facilitated a talk for us on the topic of Challenging Behaviour. Laura was knowledgeable & interesting, holding peoples attention for the duration of the talk. She was very aware of her audience, delivering the talk in a caring and sensitive manner, being mindful of how Challenging Behaviour can impact a families life on a regular basis. Laura happily answered Parents questions at the end of the talk and she shared the Presentation slides with Attendees after. I have recommended Laura to other PLAN groups and she has since given talks for them also."
Geraldine Kenny