With over 22 years experience in the area of autism, I bring a wealth of knowledge, passion and commitment to every family. While social skills development is an area of particular expertise, my rounded professional experience ensures all autism related difficulties can be tackled professionally and thoroughly. My own autism diagnosis means that the difficulties are not only examined from an educated, professional perspective but also from the unique view of an actually autistic adult. I am committed to providing individualised services catering to the needs of my clients and their families. If you have any particular questions regarding any of the services below, please don't hesitate to contact me.

General Autism Consultancy

Whatever the issue, my 22 years of experience ensures that there is always help at hand. Contact me to see how I can help with your child's journey. The issue does not need to be specific to the social or home setting, I have consulted with over 50 schools in the Munster area and I am happy to facilitate intervention which forms a broad base for support. I can provide consultancy on best practice educational strategies for children in both the mainstream and specialised school settings. 

Contact me today to see how I can help.

Individual Sessions

By offering two session types i.e. individual one-to-one sessions for individuals on the spectrum, as well as parent sessions, Connect allows parents to choose an individualised approach to social skills development for their child and gives the parent the opportunity to gain personalised instruction in training and advancement of skills in both the home and community settings. 

Sessions typically occur monthly, with practical homework supplied to aid comprehension and practice in the wider community.

School based individualised Social Skill Consultancy

Schools are often eager to assist children in their social journey, but frequently feel at sea with the process. I can create an individualised plan for one or more students in the school setting, delivering support to the teachers with regular contact and frequent reassessment of goals and progress. 

Teen Mentoring and Support Sessions

The teenage years can be a minefield of obstacles for the autistic individual. I can work with your teen monthly to help them to navigate the neurotypical world and also explore their needs and unique autistic identity.