Connect began as an Autism Consultancy Service for children and teens on the autistic spectrum, but has since grown to include a range of educational resources and training events for both parents and professionals.
I am a Mother of two children (one neurodivergent child and one neurotypical child), Author, Lecturer and Autism Consultant, with over 24 years experience working with young people in a variety of specialist settings. I was identified as autistic at the age of 40 and my life long struggle navigating social scenarios, and Generalised and Social Anxiety prompted me to create the Social Connect Series of resources and Training opportunities. My experience designing and delivering programmes for tweens and teens on the Autistic Spectrum adds a practical user centred focus to my resources and training.
As a parent and educator, I understand the need for easy to follow resources, which are accessible to all regardless of training, and so I have placed heavy emphasis on the accessibility of my training and resources for parents and teachers alike. 
Having amassed 24 years of professional experience, including 9 years lecturing in one of Ireland's most prestigious universities, I am passionate about communicating both my lived and professional experience to the next generation. 
My primary goal is to design practical supports, positive resources and effective training opportunities for children, parents and professionals. I am passionate about inspiring and empowering young people to overcome their barriers and allow them to connect to their peers and the wider community. 
I believe that children's mental health is as important as their physical health and the impact of providing a positive foundation for dealing with difficult emotions, will be felt throughout life.
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